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A light-emitting diode (LED)
is a semiconductor diode that
emits incoherent narrow-
spectrum light when electrically
biased in the forward direction
of the P-N junctions. This effect
is a form of. . .

We introduce ourselves as manufactures for energy efficient LED
lighting fixtures for General LED Lighting, Architectural LED Lighting,
Landscapes, Pools and Water Features, Signage, and for specialized
applications such as Step LED Lighting, Path & Foot LED Lighting. Our
organization has gained a solid reputation as a major Supplier of
LED Lighting solutions in India. Lafit offers technologically superior
lighting for virtually any application, and is committed to providing
only the best and most advanced solutions to its customers. 

With a background in the design, manufacture and installation of large
scale General & architectural lighting - Lafit offers its dealers extensive
knowledge and experience in the practical application of LED lighting

In particular - Lafit has access to an extensive and growing range of
LEDs and LED products, in any configuration, and for virtually any
application  and recognizes the growing importance of LEDs as
THE superior light form for the future.

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LED products, Flexible Strips, LED sign boards, LED Spot lights.
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